(Checking out my pecs, people don’t believe I did it being vegetarian!)


From the desk G.S. Luthra, MBA, BFA, BA, BS


Making the mistake of working out till failure is why you’re scrawny. This whole “No Pain, No Gain” crap is the reason why so many are dangerously pushing themselves harder, and yet are still struggling.

You may have thrown in the towel several times out of frustration, but I’m here to tell you that your failure in gaining bulk is not due to a lack of working hard enough, it’s because you’ve been working yourself out too hard! In fact, over exertion is the Very Reason why you are not building muscle!

If you use the wrong recipe to bake a cake, you will end up disappointed. Likewise, if you use the Wrong Protocol to build muscle, you will also frown at the result.

You probably have been trying various training programs that you found in some magazine or on the internet, but allow me to dispel the confusion –

To build muscle, you must generate hypertrophy (volume) and the best way to do that is to perform multiple sets of single digit reps WITHOUT GOING TO FAILURE. Science has proven this works, and is what strongmen of old have used to bust through plateaus.

You may be wondering how you too can achieve similar results. Allow me to share with you MUSCLE MASS Without A Gym, a simple but effective training program that is –


Perfect For The Busy Student or Professional Seeking a Quick Way to Brawn

If you’re working, chances are you don’t have much time to cook and have other daily demands, but there are nutritional hacks that allow you to cheat the biological limitations and gain muscle. I know you’ll benefit from this eBook so much that I want you to try your No Risk Trial, FREE from Obligation.

If your mouth doesn’t hit the floor at the sight of your new physique, you’re entitled to a prompt FULL REFUND, so you’ll lose nothing. It is to your advantage to get on this now before it’s gone. Stop procrastinating, I know this will work for you because MUSCLE MASS Without A Gym:

  • Contains No BS information – straight forward with beautiful full color pictures & illustrations
  • Is Quick and Easy – just 2 sets per day twice a week, 20 minutes per week
  • Saves Big Mula – weight sets go for over $300, this eBook is economical
  • No Gym required – you’ll literally save hundreds of dollars per year!
  • Can be done anytime, anywhere
  • Gives fast results with little time commitment
  • No equipment or supplements needed
  • Only moderate effort required
  • No belief or motivation necessary, this works for the lazy couch potato
  • No special diet, no deprivation
  • Simple eating, cheat days are not only allowed but generously encouraged!

You’ll learn the mind hacks and nutritional tricks to get fit in one week. Whether you’re in NY or in the jungles of Africa, these methods work, period. 


“But Can Muscles Really Be Built on a Vegetarian Diet?”

Varinder Singh Ghuman, Joseph Greenstein aka “The Mighty Atom”, and Bill Pearl already built massive muscles without meat. Just do a quick search online to see for yourself.

This notion of people needing to consume copious amounts of meat is just something that’s been programmed into people’s heads without research backing it up. There’s plenty of protein in milk, cheese, and eggs. In fact, some experts believe that milk/cheese protein, which contains whey, is the best protein for human fitness.

However, if you enjoy a steak, that’s great, you will be able to make great gains with what this program. You don’t have to be vegetarian, the point is if I did this while avoiding meat, imagine what you can achieve without that limitation? Now, let’s talk about another myth – the belief that you need to go to a gym and lift weights to build muscle. Wrong, the reality is –


Calisthenics Can Build Muscle Faster Than Weights If Done Right


 Summer 2017, as you can see, pushups gave me python like triceps


When I was working on my MBA, taking the shuttle bus to get to the gym for a 30 minute workout took too much time which I couldn’t afford, so I tried calisthenics as I previously had success before. After a few months, I went back to the gym and the weights felt lighter. Then it hit me, why do I need to be here when I can get stronger at the convenience of my home, I thought?

Body-weight training is ideal because it’s accessible and safe, making it incredibly effective for getting workouts done anytime, anywhere! You can do it in between classes, during lunch breaks, or whenever you get a spare minute as it literally only takes seconds to do. This is why calisthenics work better for most people who have to go to work and/or school. It puts power in your hands as you no longer have to depend on circumstance without depending on gyms or weight sets which are too bulky for apartments, not to mention the noise and damage they make when dropped.

So I continued doing the exercises diligently –


And The Results Were Amazing

Swinging a 30-pound dumbbell for 50 reps nearly killed me, but now I do a hundred without strain. Running down the soccer field used to give me a straining headache, feeling as though I was going to collapse, yet now I gallop through like a gazelle!

My punches and kicks had more power. In one semester, I went through two punching bags. The first time the college replaced it, but the second time around they were wondering who the heck was destroying their equipment! Plus, the added female attention wasn’t bad either. Girls would watch as I would pummel the bag shirtless. As a matter of fact, it’s become somewhat of a pain as I have to be careful where I go as to avoid attracting drooling eyes!


If a College Geek Can Build 50 lbs of Muscle Without Weights, What Can You Do?


Consider my situation:

  • I had limited food, literally scrimping for whatever I could find like a squirrel
  • Dealt with maniac stress
  • Worked like a mad man running a business & doing scientific research
  • Had a 120-mile daily commute to grad school
  • No protein shakes 
  • No help
  • No gym
  • No weights
  • No meat

Can you afford not to become your absolute best? The good news is you too can achieve this without weights, protein shakes, or meat, and without emptying your wallet for groceries.

Acquiring muscle mass is easily the best thing you can do for your confidence, and it’s not hard as you can see in the photo above taken in 2016. You’ll automatically command more attention by the way you hold yourself with your new physique. If I can do it, YOU CAN TOO!

The Gains Kept Coming Despite Maniac Stress, Limited Food & Lack of Sleep

I built this bulk with a 2 hour daily commute to school, studying mind racking courses such as organic chemistry, doing MBA level projects which required writing a 25+ page marketing plan. This was all done while running an online business of my own. Being an entrepreneur all by yourself is work…a lot of work. There were many late working nights sacrificing adequate sleep. 

This is me in the summer of 2016 after the spring semester. Nice quads eh? And yea I know I have to clean my table.

I don’t claim to be the biggest guy in the world, but what I have achieved is a strong physique despite a hectic work schedule.

Another words, I’m a real person just like you who doesn’t have access to expensive gyms, supplements, or the luxury of doing nothing all day but lifting weights at a gym only to come home and sleep.

I live in the real world, I have a hundred things to get done, which is why this program pertains to regular hard working people like you.


What MUSCLE MASS Without A Gym Will Do For You


In this eBook, you will learn the fundamentals of muscle building which will revealed:

  • How to exercise according to your body type based on the Indian dosha system
  • The BIG 3 movements to quickly gain brawn
  • A natural trick that’s like taking steroids
  • How to build muscle using only 2 sets of 2 exercises twice a week, totaling just 30 minutes a week
  • The power of sleeping and napping to accelerate results
  • Which exercises shed fat fast
  • How to calculate the right number of reps to do per set
  • Vegetarian recipes to feed muscles
  • How to get stronger and faster without putting yourself out
  • Why training to failure is counterproductive
  • How to gain even if you have a very busy schedule
  • Why chewing your food properly yields muscle gains
  • Watch a lot of TV? Well, it’s hurting your gains – why electronics are not good for mass building, no to mention your mind!

No question is left unanswered as I hold your hand every step of the way. You’ve struggled long enough and now it’s time to get the body you’ve always wanted. Imagine how that will affect your confidence as you walk chest out to the beach while everyone notices your physique. One thing is for sure, the opposite sex will definitely appreciate it!

All it Takes is 2 Days a Week

Ever wonder how pro athletes train? Sports science is clear, high tension delivers and it does not depend on time. You are literally throwing money down the drain by going to the gym. You can get the same work done in the time it takes to drive there, think about that!

All you need is two sets of only Two Exercises.

After years of trial and error, I’ve fine-tuned the protocol, and now you can learn the fool proof method I used to build pounds of muscle while cutting fat. All you need is about 30 minutes per week, because when you perform the high intensity exercises, you get the anabolic growth effect without having to invest a large amount of time. It works by doing your max reps every workout, but distributes it over two sets using fixed percentages with continued progression.

Imagine walking through the halls at your job or school with confidence as your pecs stick out and head held high. How would that affect your life?


For Me, College Became A Lot More Fun

MBA Student, Spring semester in 2016

School was fun back then, I was so happy to get rid of my pesky noodle arm roommate and as a bonus, I kept getting
looks from girls in my classes, one of them being engaged!

Having muscles gets you more female attention. I actually have to be careful where I sit, the girls appear everywhere!



But It Wasn’t Always Like This

Growing up, I was always skinny. Even though I had the appetite of a hippo, putting on mass was always a challenge. I exercised, played sports, lifted weights, but I always stayed within the same weight range. Now however, is different. The gains came so fast, I outgrew my new clothes! I’ve built my glutes so much that I ripped my pants while picking up the ball when playing ping pong! Best of all, it was against a girl, she found it hilarious. Girls now call me “Mr. Big Butt”!


The 5 Gym Headaches You’ll Avoid By Using This Program

The problem with most gyms is that there are too many disadvantages, such as them being:


1. Outrageously Expensive

I just did a quick search and found the prices for membership fees at popular gyms:

  • Planet Fitness – charges $10 for a newbie, but can be $19.99/month for 12 months. Plus, if you cancel, you have fill out a form in person or send a letter by mail. Email cancellations are not permitted. It is also a very feminized gym as barbells are nonexistent
  • Retro Gym – starts at $19.99 for a month and higher for multi-month plans
  • Gold’s Gym – this is more expensive gym that can run you by between $26.66 to over $75/month

These monthly dues can cost you over $250 per year, while some can be over $500.


2. Inconvenient

The time it takes to pack clothes, your water bottle, membership card, and commute is an unnecessary hassle just to do a 20-30 minute workout. If your exercise routine is over 45 minutes, you’re wasting your time.


3. Unhygienic

Some people have dirty habits such as rubbing their crotch, not washing their hands, and touching other parts of their body that you’d don’t want to come into contact with. This creates dirty facilities, and the risks these days are just not worth the trouble.


4. Over Crowded

Everybody flocks in during the ideal times to exercise and this causes delays to your day. Plus, it’s aggravating when you have to wait for someone to finish their weird invented exercise with a dumbbell in one hand and their phone in another. As much as you want to punch their lights out, doing so risks your membership.


5.  Feminized

Free weights and barbells have been traded in for step climbers and treadmills. Plus, they can get crowded meaning you lose more time waiting for your turn. Where you go and whom you associate with matters. It can literally make or break you which is why training alone is better. Even the famous Charles Atlas gave up going to the gym and used his Dynamic Tension exercises in solitude to become “The Most Perfectly Developed Man.”

Blowing money down the drain by going to “workout” at soy infused fitness clubs is just not worth it anymore. Gyms these days are not the same they used to be. You need a better, smarter plan, and the best thing I can offer you is my eBook, MUSCLE MASS Without A Gym. But first, let me share with you –


What Others have Already Said about MUSCLE MASS Without A Gym

“Straight to the point, this can be used with other exercises, this uses training methods from CC and Combat Conditioning” – loj from Amazon


“Who doesn’t like monkey’s working out on the cover.”

February 10, 2018

Luthra must have read many of the same types of workout books I have over the years cause his style is similar in the way I work. Things from Pavel, Paul Wade, Logan Christopher, Kavadlo Bros and more. But the nice thing about this book is that is has the information from many all in one fluid book. Plus a bit more too. With his personal touch and adding a bit of Indian workout styles that made it different from the rest. So a great all in one book to get started or to throw in some new ideas for the more advanced athlete. Even if he does have that young man’s view of, “everything is possible, I’ve figured it out.” Ha ha. I remember that period. Good times.” – Spencer Scott Holmes


“Great, simple tips and advise…”

March 4, 2018 

“I travel alot, so gyms are not compatible with my lifestyle, so the advise in this book fits like a glove. Great, simple tips and advise…” – Jonathan Yard Jr



October 15, 2017

“Easy read and to the point! Author has a no BS approach to fitness and Healthy living. I recommend it for any beginner.” – KBrawner


“good book”

July 26, 2017
“Very practical book with instructions that are simple to follow. Do the exercises, followed by the stretches. If you need diet advice as well, this book has it. PERFECT for time strapped people.” – Phillip Lee 


“A Worthwhile Read”

August 26, 2017

“This book was very easy to read and interesting. The instructions on how to do the recommended exercises were clear with accompanying pictures. The schedule presented within the book also provides a helpful template outlining which days of the week to do the various exercises and when to have breaks. It is definitely a great book for anyone looking to exercise using bodyweight exercises at home rather spending a long time lifting heavy weights at the gym.” – Peter Stockman

You Need A Smarter Approach

Strength is a solo journey, because it takes time to do multiple low rep sets with adequate rest which is not favored at gyms. They want to get you in and out so they can recruit more members. You have to train at the pace that is appropriate for you, not competing with others.

If you pay to go to a gym, I guarantee this eBook will be worth ten times a year’s costs as it’s less than the price of one month’s dues. That’s over a 100% return on investment, and even if I’m only half right, you’ll still save hundreds of dollars, if not more.


Tired of Thick Books Full of Fluff?

Your great advantage is that MUSCLE MASS Without A Gym is short and direct. Just straight No BS body-weight solutions to quickly build pounds of dense hard muscle that work in plain simple English.

So, what’s holding you back from Attaining a Fit Muscular Body?


Here’s What You Get:

After you take the initiative for your physical fitness and complete your order, you will automatically be redirected to the download page. There, you fill find the following:

MUSCLE MASS Without A Gym: Gain Monkey Strength with Bodyweight Exercises

eBook contains beautiful full color pictures & illustrations by G.S. Luthra


…but wait, there’s more!



BONUS # 1 – Quick Start Guide Poster

Don’t want to wait for results? With this easy to follow printable
poster, you’ll be able to start building big pipes TODAY, without even
having to read the book! It contains exercises and stretches to get you
started right now!

Yours FREE!


Bonus # 2 – Workout Planner (Excel File)

This tool instantly calculates your monthly training plan for you.
Simply enter your max reps in the boxes provided and let the system do
all the work, you just simply follow the guide!

Yours FREE!

(Note: you’ll need Microsoft Excel to view this file)


Bonus # 3 – The 5 Fundamentals of Holistic Muscle Building Audio File & PDF

This quick read PDF guide summarizes what you need to do to start building muscle today, as in RIGHT NOW! In fact, this bonus is so valuable, you’ll get your money’s worth with it alone, because it condenses and consolidates all of the information you need and TELLS YOU EXACTLY WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW to build muscle right away.

In the Audio Guide, I go through each point and elaborate with additional tips you can use. You can download this audio and save it to your favorite mobile device and listen whenever, where ever. You can also listen to it for added motivation.

Yours FREE!


These Bonuses Combined are Worth $64, but YOURS FREE!



Try It For 60 Days

If you don’t get the muscles that you rightfully deserve, let me know and I’ll issue you a prompt painless refund, but I know you won’t, because YOU WILL gain muscle! It’s a win/win situation for you either way, so what do you have to lose?

Heck, if you want, you can even just buy the eBook and cancel since it’s processed through PayPal. You’ll keep the eBook since there’s nothing I can do to get it back.


Let Me Take The Risk

You might be wondering why did I just tell you that. Well, I want to show you I’m real, and help you get fit for this summer and be happy. You’ll see the benefits of MUSCLE MASS Without A Gym.

Even if you decide to return it for some odd reason, you get to keep the eBook download anyway, because I have no way of reversing the process back so the risk is all on me. You can easily rip me off, but hey, it’s your karma!


Sounds Too Good to Be True, Doesn’t It?

As attractive as this offer is, I’m sure you’re skeptical, because well, it’s only natural. With so many ads shoved in your face these days, it’s hard for you to decipher what’s real and what’s fake.

Although I understand your reason for concern, personally, it still bothers me, because I know how people are struggling to gain muscle. Hey, I was one of them. I’ve tried weights, protein shakes, dieting, and gyms, the 5×5 method, kettlebells, “Secret” Soviet Protocols, and alike, but didn’t
get the results I wanted.

That’s why I did a special brainstorming session to try and figure out why you might pass my zero-risk offer. Here’s what I came up with:

1.  No money – you might be in college, or you might be working to make ends meet, I get it. However, so many people buy $400 smartphones, $5000 TVs, and more, so isn’t building muscle worth a small patronage? Considering the TIME AND MONEY WASTED on gas to go to the gym and buying expensive protein powders, you would BE SAVING BIG TIME!  MUSCLE MASS Without A Gym will cost you less than one month’s worth of gym membership dues.

2.  You don’t believe it – and you don’t have to, because you’re covered by a You don’t get big, I don’t get paid 100% money back guarantee. Look, you pay through PayPal, so you can instantly get a refund at a click of a mouse. 

3.  Lack of time or lazy – 30 minutes a week? Come on now, it only takes a little effort of just a few minutes of very brief exercise twice a week.

4.  You just don’t trust me– fair enough, maybe it’s the beard, the tan skin, who knows, but I must reiterate, you have a 60-day money back guarantee. Muscle can be built with calisthenics as many have done so in the past and this clear-cut protocol works. Many have already taken advantage of this, do you really want to be left out? Regret sucks, don’t be one of those who missed the train!


3rd Parties Tried Selling it on Amazon for Over $100, But You Won’t Pay Anywhere Near That

Okay, you’re probably wondering how much is it going to cost you. Before I present that to you, I wanted to make you aware that I had already previously sold this book and had pulled it off the market to make adjustments and I felt that Amazon royalties were unfair. However, I later found out that my book was being advertised on Amazon by third party sellers for over $100, take a look –

When I saw that these guys were selling it for such an outrageous amount on Amazon, I knew I had to make it available again at a fair price. So, I’ve relaunched MUSCLE MASS Without A Gym, and it’s better than ever.

You will be getting the newest version with the revised updated protocol designed to help you pack on the pounds before you can say “moo”. 

I’ve put this together after careful thought and consideration to make it work for the busiest of people. In other words, I made it to work for YOU. This is your lucky day, because you are among the first to be given this deal.

You can continue the same path, but nothing will change. If you want results, you must do things differently. Choose a new better life now, and pursue your ambitions.

Get on this right now before procrastination discourages you.


Your Teacher in Muscle & Strength Building,
G.S. Luthra, MBA, BFA, BA, BS


PS – You may have been disappointed with the results from using other products, I know, I’ve been there, but read this – I have a bit of a confession to make.

Unlike my father, I was weak when I was a fresh college kid. It sucked hearing about what a great physique my dad had when he was in his twenties while being put down for being skinny. I struggled very hard to put on muscle, and there were many times where I just threw up my hands in surrender thinking I would always be that way. But I dug deep.

Spirit is where the real strength comes from, and with hard work and dedication, I did it and so can you. These are the methods I’ve refined from over ten years of trial and error. You owe it to yourself to give this short course a try. I promise you results, and I guarantee it or your money back!


Yes, I’m Ready to Get Fit RIGHT NOW With –

MUSCLE MASS Without A Gym in Full Color + BONUS Quick Start Guide Poster, Workout Planner, Audio & PDF Files

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Paperback Version

If you want a physical copy of the book, you have the option of getting it at major retailers (I’ve relisted it so it’s a fair price) or you can buy it directly from me…don’t worry, you won’t be paying anything close to a hundred dollars. The advantage of buying from me is that you get the free bonuses. And you’ll get the eBook for free too. Think of it as my gift to you for saving you hundreds if not thousands in gym membership fees.

MUSCLE MASS Without A Gym Paperback Plus FREE eBook Download + BONUS Quick Start Guide Poster, Workout Planner, Audio & PDF Files

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