Donald Trump vs The Globalists

I Predicted If Trump Doesn’t Do These 5 Things, His Presidency Would Be In Jeopardy…And I Was Right!


From the desk of G.S. Luthra, MBA


Dear Fellow American,

I’m disappointed in the direction our country is heading in. Despite his shady history, Donald Trump represented the anti-establishment movement for many and we were expecting him to drain the swamp and make America great again. However, it seems like our nation is getting deeper in the swamp and the man whom we elected to be our leader is turning out to be manipulated by the very dark forces we feared.

The problem with most Trump voters however, is their blind faith and support in everything he does. The “Trumpeteers” play the trumpet horns every time DT gives a speech, or does anything for that matter. All political and legislation he passes is met with applause and supporters have made him into a demi-god who can do no wrong. If you call him out for anything, you’re dubbed a leftist.

That’s dangerous folks, very, very dangerous, and is an indicator of what is yet to come.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to live in a Nazi style version of America, where it’s either all hail Trump or you’re un-American.


I Said Trump Had To Make These Changes Immediately Before the End of His Term

And unfortunately, he didn’t. These 5 are essential in protecting the survival of America. They are – 

**Make English The Official Language**

This is a no-brainer. How can you have a nation with no recognized identity? You’re letting all these people in who are illiterate in their own dialect and they come here with an entitled mindset. Americans, veterans, and people who immigrated here legally are being shoved to the back of the line. What kind of government is this? Recently, at the democratic debate, several candidates were speaking in Spanish. It’s a shame, it’s a big, big shame.

 Close The Border

We cannot, nor do we need, more immigrates. The country has already gone way passed its capacity. It makes no sense to allow people from third world nations who have no skill or education to come here and reap the fruits of American labor. America has a DOMESTIC war, not a foreign one. The real war has always been on our homeland. Allowing all these people in has robbed America of its identity. Nobody even knows what the heck it represents anymore other than smartphones and selfies.

Bring the troops home from fruitless foreign wars and put available fresh soldiers on the border and let them do their job. Stop letting these weasel lawyers destroy soldier’s lives for doing what they signed up for. I’ve talked to many veterans both young and old, and the treatment they received was unacceptable.

Usher In Liability Laws For The Media

You don’t need me to tell you how corrupt fake news is, but it goes both ways, it’s not just the left. Fox News is owned by the same deep state swamp dwellers and so even they bite their tongue in reporting what is really going on. Hosts like Tucker Carlson won’t say the full story, because he is just another stooge. Even these so called alternative news outlets and “independent” hosts have revealed their true colors and are still selling a common theme – Trumpism.

The problem is people are spitting out lies without any accountability. They need to be held accountable, otherwise lies become truths. And that’s what you currently have in America. People are addicted to their beliefs, not actual fact.

Stop Silicon Valley

I warned about Jeff Bezos reaching the $100 billion dollar market on Return of Kings, and not only has that happened, he has far surpassed that with a net worth of about $160 billion . It is predicted he’ll reach $200 billion by the end of the year, or close to it.

Do you understand how dangerous that is?

Amazon attached its tentacles to virtual every industry – robotics, books, movies, you name it. So now its become an even bigger problem. You can’t stop someone without that capital…or can you?

I warned that if the Silicon Men of Silicon Valley are not aggressively charged for the tax dodging, outsourcing, sponsoring of illegal immigrants, and social/economical/intellectual manipulation of society, the country would pay for it…and they have. 



What America Means To Me

I thought America was the supposed to be the promised land where people can live their lives without being condemned for their beliefs. People from all over the world with different cultures lived peacefully, because they shared a common interest in freedom for all, to live and let live. Now it’s been transformed into a new kind of society – the age of consumerism, where people indulge in products, entertainment, and political jibberish.

You’re either left or right, there’s no middle way, only absolutes much like how the Sith operate in Star Wars. Trump was supposed to get America back on the gold standard, but he’s tripped up because he stopped listening to the people who put him in office.

It’s naive to expect him to deliver more than 30% of what he promised, but what he has done lately seems to be pleasing the globalists more so than the American people. Now he is facing even more opposition and Asian affairs are still up in the air. With China and North Korea doing as they please, there is the concern that they may provoke Trump to invade North Korea, thus creating the catalyst for WW3. Hopefully, that never happens, but there some things Trump has fell short on such as –

  • The Wall has not been built, nor paid for by Mexico
  • Illegal immigration is continuing to worsen
  • Despite what Fox News says, the economy is not booming for most Americans (Proof: Why is Bitcoin, a digital currency that originated from a third-world s**t-hole, worth thousands of U.S. dollars?)
  • Hilary Clinton and George Soros continue to walk freely
  • Kim Jon Un has not been living up to his end of the nuclear deal
  • Big Tech at Silicon Valley have not yet been held accountable for their mass surveillance and censorship on free speech
  • Big government continues to grow

World domination has always been the goal of globalists since the beginning and they were very close. They had control of the technology, economy, military, government, and banks, there was only one more step, but they ran into a wall – Donald Trump

He’s everything they fear, but they’ve been relentless and so far they’re doing a good job at preventing him from executing his new legislation. There are also hedge-fund operators like John Bolton who want to push Trump into another war, but thankfully that has not happened.

Trump also made it clear to be against globalism, the very thing that threatens western civilization – 

“We will no longer surrender America, or its people to the false flag of globalism.” – Donald Trump during his Foreign Policy Speech, 4/27/16


But he has flipped flopped. Remember when he said this –

“I’m a Nationalist and a Globalist.” – Donald Trump, 4/27/17

So he went from a nationalist to something in between that and a globalist. This is what has happened to the president. Trump has become a puppet, a mere pawn in a game of war, but he is not stupid and occasionally breaks free. However, the globalists are getting better at controlling him and they currently have the upper hand. They monitor who he is in contact with, blocking those with nationalist goals while making those who are closest to Trump whisper the will of the globalists.


Know What To Look For In The Upcoming Years

Although my book was written about 2 years ago, the fundamentals it describes was not only prevalent back then, but still relevant today. The patterns and problems discussed are well alive today, and unless Americans really wake up and take an objective approach, they will be enslaved…by their own patriotism. World War 3 has always been the goal along with trans-humanism. Their agenda is the gain absolute power over everything and everyone on earth. They  want to control the money, the banks, the military, the governments, and even the minds of people all over the planet. Nothing is permitted to escape, these globalists want to plug everyone’s heads into the Matrix, so their universal way of life reigns supreme. Once Trump has served their purpose, impeachment is the end result so they can get their way. If DT isn’t careful, it could cost him the presidency.

I said that Trump was America’s last hope – “Donald Trump is the only man who can save America from falling into the evil hands of The Globalists. If he fails, it’s all over, the country is finished.”

And I stick to those words even today. If he doesn’t do what must be done, that’s it, you can kiss America goodbye as it will never be the same. Assuming he wins again, he’ll have one term left, but if he screws it up, get ready for socialism.


Donald Trump vs The Globalists: How He Can Save America and Western Civilization

This is not another pro-Trump book, far from it. It is rather details how western civilization has fallen, where it’s heading, and what can be done to reverse it. It will tell you what things to look for that indicate if Trump is on course to “Making America Great Again”, and who are the neocons and what to watch out for if they persuade Trump to get their way.

I titled the book in such a way to attract both Trump supporters and those in the middle, because they need to be made aware of the charade that is going on, and why putting their entire faith blindly in one man is likely to result in disappointment. You, as an citizen of the world, need to be aware of what is coming, so if you’re a hardcore Trumpeteer who will cheer no matter what he does, then this book is not for you.

In fact, I recommend against reading this book and instead suggest buying something written by a Fox News stooge. That should satisfy your thirst for Tribal-Trumpism. Yea, you heard it here first, watch the media steal that line from me.

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