“Thinking About College…Wait…What’s That, You’re Already Attending?”

“Well then, I Sincerely Hope You Spend 30 Seconds to Read -“

This Letter Reveals Which College Majors Are In Demand So You Don’t Pay For An Over-Priced WORTHLESS Degree That Will Leave You In MASSIVE DEBT!



From The Desk of G.S, Luthra, MBA, BFA, BA, BS


Dear Aspiring or Current Student,

I’m sure it’s no shock to you that most students are struggling to pay off loans while the new incoming class is petrified about how they will do the same.

Frozen in fear, the uncertainty of whether the promise of higher education continues lingering on the minds of countless students.

You may be wondering that yourself, and parents, peers, and school counselors must have assured you that college is the only answer, but –


I Bet You Didn’t Know This About College


Did you know these facts before you enrolled?


  • Universities don’t pay taxes and get free federal funding
  • Most degrees ARE NOT IN DEMAND, even in STEM fields!
  • 500 schools in America (including Ivy League and big name state schools like Rutgers) were caught storing BILLIONS in offshore bank accounts, yes you read right
  • Graduation rates are lowering while dropout rates are increasing
  • The national student debt EXCEEDS the cost of the Iraq war!
  • Tuition costs are rising every year
  • Depression and suicide rates are high among college students
  • America’s education quality is declining
  • Outsourcing and automation is decreasing the demand for professionals in America
  • Students must pay back loans bank even if they go bankrupt or are unable to find a job
  • Most campuses are super liberal which means you’ll be dealing with a political hierarchy


College is a business, and you need to learn how to play the game. Some of you may think you don’t need this, that you’re smarter than everybody. I won’t argue with you, but

Are You Making Any Of These Mistakes?
  • Living on campus
  • Buying textbooks and supplies at your college bookstore when you can download them online for free?
  • Majoring in anything but medicine, finance, accounting, or engineering?
  • Attending a 4-year university right after high school without having transferred credits from community college?
  • Partying, seeking the “college experience”?

If you answered yes to any of these, then you really need to read  –


The 2016 List of Fields Projected to Have the Highest Growth as Reported by The National Association of Colleges and Employers


  • Accounting – 54%
  • Computer science – 54%
  • Finance – 51%
  • Business administration – 48%
  • Mechanical engineering – 46%


However, things are rapidly changing. Additionally, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistic, the professions that have an average pay of $75k or more with the most anticipated growth, are  –


  • Actuaries
  • Administrative Service Managers
  • Architecture post secondary teachers
  • Astronomers
  • Audiologists
  • Biochemists
  • Chemistry/Biology teachers
  • Civil engineers
  • Clinical counselors, school psychologists
  • Construction managers
  • Database administrators
  • Dentists
  • Economics teachers
  • Elevator installers


Looking at another list factoring bachelor degrees, other professions in finance, marketing, and computer information systems are listed. So you see, you can’t just major in anything and expect things to work. But it doesn’t just end there because –


8 Things You Need To Know About College

Contrary to what you may be thinking, I’m not going to suggest you to dropout of college. What I’m advocating is to strategize your education by majoring in that which you naturally excel at in a field that is in demand so you maximize career prospects.

Getting skills is very important, but it doesn’t guarantee anything. Life is a gamble, but by making some simple changes in your academic approach, you improve your odds greatly.


Before you Blow this Off, Understand I Have 4 Degrees

Like you, I was told that I needed to go to college to be successful. I always loved art but was pushed into studying business as the job prospects were lucrative at the time. Parents would tell me examples of other sons who did well majoring in finance. I didn’t do too well as I hated school, but still, I was forced to continue, there was no other choice.

Working many rut jobs also reinforced this. So, after managing to get a bachelors, I continued to pursue my passion in art and double majored. I was so happy thinking I would never have to sit in another business lecture again.

How wrong I was. Here they are –


#1 – Students Can Failure Even If They Do Everything Right

I applied to many companies and worked like a donkey myself to produce artwork for career prospects and graduated school as opportunities existed for becoming a professor. However, my efforts went in vain.

Not knowing what to do after graduation and unable to get a job, I luckily got into the MBA program at my school which was AACSB accredited (the highest most respected rank for business schools) and again worked my butt off to complete the degree.

During that time, I created a nutraceutical supplement that all my professors thought was a multi-million-dollar product, but here I am writing to you copy on why college failed to deliver and how I ended up unemployed, disappointed, and very, very bitter.

After completing my MBA, I literally applied to hundreds of job openings on various sites like Indeed, and on my school’s career center website. I also had my family, professionals, and even my school’s career center critique my resume and I adjusted it accordingly.

I went to many interviews, networked, approached key people at major companies, asked family for help, yet nothing worked.

Ironically enough, what I used to do as a hobby I’m now earning money as an online entrepreneur. After talking with many other students of various majors, I’ve come to the conclusion that –


#2 – Getting a College Degree DOES NOT Guarantee More Money & Happiness

I knew a guy who graduated with a master’s in electrical engineering from one of the top 5 engineering schools in the country who’s now living with his mom watching anime every day and doesn’t speak to his father. He was an all-star student in high school and was considered a freaking genius, but his prestigious degree from Texas at one of the best engineering schools in the world failed to get him a job in a rewarding career.

He dropped out of his PhD, and the rest as they say is history.

As you can see, even STEM majors aren’t out of trouble. The perks of a degree are nothing like what is being advertised and more companies don’t give a sh**t about your degree anymore.


“There’s no need even to have a college degree…at all.”
– Elon Musk


The richest most successful business leaders all concur that college education today is not only impractical, it can actually be detrimental to your financial future!

Hear it for yourself in this video from some of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs. You may not like their political views or philosophy, but the one thing they do all agree on is college isn’t so worthwhile anymore –




What matters is what you can do and your skill sets.

College was supposed to be about acquiring technical training to get a high paying job that only the few who were really bright would attend. Now however, it has become one big cesspit of political correctness and cultural indoctrination where everyone is sent like sheep to receive thorough brainwashing.

Tuition costs continue to rise, more influx of illegal immigration in the name of “diversity”, and the standards and quality have declined to laughable levels. You know things are bad when students learn course material better from YouTube videos than their professors.


#3 – College Can Suck The Best Years Out Of You

Your twenties and even early thirties will be spent slaving away for a degree that MIGHT get you an entry level job with a menial salary where you’ll have to work for another 5-10 years just to earn a decent salary.

Does that sound like a good deal?

In pursuit of academic success, I dumped my girlfriend, put my business on hold, sacrificed time and money to achieve academically and not only did it not bear fruit, I found that what I learned in class was pretty much based on theory without any practical implications.

Today, I regret not taking more time to enjoy life, and I don’t want you to make the same mistake. 


#4 – STEM Is No Longer A Safeguard

Automation via robots continues to replace jobs and soon, even professionals such as accountants and lawyers won’t be required by companies as robots can do the work faster. It’s already happening in the medical world as one doctor can now do the work of ten!

Business owners want to cut costs and so are outsourcing and hiring illegal workers making it more competitive to land a stable good paying jobs. Also, politicians are declaring states as sanctuaries welcoming more immigrants which means even more competition.

Loan sharks are very real and will come after you since the law states YOU MUST PAY LOANS BACK EVEN IF YOU FILE FOR BANKRUPTCY.

Many people say don’t go to college but rather to just work a job or start a business, but that’s impractical for most people and not everyone wants to go to trade school which leads us to our next topic –


Trade School is Being Over Hyped

While it can be a rewarding for some, the reality is it’s dirty backbreaking work that wears and tears the body with a lot of health hazards. The top guys get the dream jobs but you’ll be working for less and the pay is being exaggerated. Also, technical and trade professions ARE NOT SAFE from automation either!

If you were like me, you went to or are currently in college because it’s where everyone told you to go to be successful. You had no choice, but have you ever doubted the promise of higher education?


#5 – Academic and Financial Frustrations Can Destroy a Family


I remember waking up one morning angry, depressed, and deprived. I had an argument the previous night and couldn’t sleep until well past midnight, then that morning my father told me to go wish my mother Happy Mother’s Day. I had completely forgot due to financial stress and felt terrible.

Had I achieved monetary success, things would have been good at home. College can ruin families with its high costs and stress to pay it back later. The pressure to immediately pay off the debt and “become successful” can rip families apart.

You are take a big risk by signing out a loan for a college degree that won’t give you a high paying job. And if that happens, you and your family, won’t be a good situation because they will be financially responsible for it even if you cannot get a job AND even if you go bankrupt.


#6 – Brain Drain is Coming to America

Not too long ago, the Indian government saw something that shocked them. Professionals like engineers, were applying in record numbers for menial jobs like school bus driver and truck driver. They did not know what to do, because there were no open positions available! All of the qualified professionals left for Western countries to find work and now India is a mess. They called this phenomena, “Brain Drain.”

This is what is happening right now in America.

Tech companies are downsizing to reduce costs and employees are being worked to death, being expected to do the work of ten! Now, artificial intelligence is being ushered in along with 5G, decreasing the need for human workers.

I know this is depressing and you don’t want to read it, but I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night if I told you that everything will be fine. You may not believe college is a scam, but one thing we can all agree on is –


#7 – The College Promise is Very Misleading


Graduates are not making more compared to trade professions whose jobs are predicted to go up. As a matter of fact, there are not enough people to meet the upcoming demand in the trades. Millions of jobs in America are unfulfilled, because no one is qualified since everybody is flocking to college.

More people are going who don’t belong there and this has negatively increased competition, lowered standards, and compromised education quality.


 #8 – The Student Debt Exceeds the Cost of The Iraq War!



Millennials can’t buy homes, cars, or get good paying jobs, and are either living with family or receiving some from of financial assistance. Something is clearly wrong!

The workforce is brutal, and the rat race has become even more cut throat. I strongly urge anyone currently in or thinking about entering college to read this book to avoid falling into the same traps I did.


But What Can You Do?

Many fresh out of high school college students see through the lies, or at least they can sense it on a deeper level, but because they don’t know what else to do, they just go to college by default as they have not been presented with an alternative option.

I know this, because I’ve met them and they’ve asked me for advice, so I know that means that there are many others out there who are facing the same struggles. The solution is not to just “get with the program” and just go with the crowd.

You need to take a stand and make a decision, one that fulfills all of your needs mentally, physically, and even spiritually.


Learn These Eye-Opening Truths About College


In this book, I will reveal to you:


  • Tricks to graduate faster
  • Reduce the stress of college
  • Choosing the right professors while avoiding the bad ones
  • The most common mistakes students make and how to avoid them
  • Top myths about college debunked
  • The lies colleges tell you all the time, but you never realize
  • Secrets that big-name universities hide from students
  • Why the costs of college will continue to rise
  • Why college may soon become obsolete, many signs can already be seen today
  • What majors have high prospects
  • And which majors to avoid like the plague
  • How to deal with college stress and life
  • How to reduce costs and save money
  • Why community college is an underrated goldmine
  • Why you should never live on campus
  • How living off campus SAVES YOU A TON OF MONEY!
  • Why commuting is strongly preferred over dormitory living
  • Why you should never ever live with roommates
  • How to plan your academic career correctly
  • How to choose the right professors
  • How to minimize or even eliminate debt


Allow Me To Help You Succeed In College

Education is about growth, not regurgitating textbook information. You’ve already done that for 4 years in high school. Now, you are a young adult, so you need to carve your own destiny to shape yourself into your ideal dream.

For some of you, college will be a part of that journey while for others, it may not. There is no right or wrong path, the question you should be asking yourself is whether college is right for you.

My book is designed to help you achieve precisely that while giving you the uncensored no BS insider’s scoop of what it’s really like attending America’s schools for higher education.



How Students are Getting Screwed & What You Can Do to Make the Most out of Your Education



RU Screw: 101 Things Wrong With Rutgers

a $9.99 value, yours free

When I released this eBook as test trial, I immediately received criticism as it really upset the academic establishment. Students get their brains warped in mind traps at big-name state universities and become patriotic, attacking anyone who says anything bad about their school as if it were some kind of cult. Well, the reality is that schools like Rutgers are nothing but businesses who hide BILLIONS while suckering students with their mass produced subpar education taught by professors who care. Students are given meaningless work, cleverly designed to give the illusion of a “rigorous” education.

This 80+ page eBook details my experience and shows you why attending big-name state universities like Rutgers is a waste.


Additionally, you’ll Receive the Following Mp3 Audio Files to Guide you through Your Journey:

Audio # 1: The Freshman’s Guide to College & Majors

Picking a major is like selecting a car, and you don’t want to just randomly choose any vehicle only to find that it breaks down after you bought it without a warranty. As with any important decision in life, you’ve got to do your homework with proper screening before making any such commitment.

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Audio # 2: Common Dangers in College and How To Avoid Them

Too many students blindly go to college thinking it’s the right thing to do simply because it’s what everybody does. They’re just like sheep and because nobody told them otherwise, they pile on debt and make a lot of mistakes due to naivety.

Here’s the truth – if you weren’t a rock star student in high school, statistics show that YOU WILL have a hard time in college, especially in the beginning. It’s like the church of the middle ages, if you didn’t attend, you were condemned to hell, but giving “donations” to church was the deceptive sales pitch as if it were buying a ticket to heaven.

This audio tells it like it is, and you will walk more confidently with this knowledge as you’ll be less likely to commit the most common mistakes students make.

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Ask Me Anything Regarding Your Academic Pursuits

Everyone’s situation is different and so I understand you may have additional questions. Therefore, for the first 100 orders, I will make myself available to communicate via email or Skype to address any three concerns you may have. I have degrees in science, business, and art/design, taking higher math courses, chemistry, writing, statistics, accounting, and more, so know what it’s like and can relate to your needs.

Get real personal consulting like no other, the kind that you’ll never get at high school or college.

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If This Book Doesn’t Literally SAVE YOU THOUSANDS –

Return it and get a 100% full refund.

You will learn the common pitfalls even the brightest students make, and by making the adjustments, you’ll spare yourself of misery.

Even the smallest of mistakes, no matter how honest they are, can literally cost you hundreds if not thousands driving you down deeper in debt.


Remember, you have a 60 day 100% money back guarantee.


Yours Truly,

-G.S. Luthra, MBA, BFA, BA, BS



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