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The Secret Dark Plans Of The Globalists Finally Revealed
How they are Using Trump to Push Their Evil Agenda

“We will no longer surrender America, or its people to the false flag of globalism.” – Donald Trump during his Foreign Policy Speech, 4/27/16

World domination has always been the goal of globalists since the beginning and they were very close They had control of the technology, economy, military, government, and banks, there was only one more step, but they ran into a wall – Donald Trump

He’s everything they fear, but they’ve been relentless, and will stop at nothing to impeach him. It’s all or nothing, everything is on the line.

And they are deceiving Trump from within. They whisper the will of the globalist in his ear causing him act irrationally like in Syria. Donald Trump has become Donald Chump as his double agent advisers have been manipulating him to push the globalist agenda while he takes all the blame.

“I’m a Nationalist and a Globalist.” – Donald Trump, 4/27/17

This is what is happening to the president, he is being mislead by undercover advisors working for the globalists.

Trump has become their puppet, a mere pawn in a game of war, but he is not stupid and occasionally breaks free. However, the globalists are getting better at controlling him and they currently have the upper hand.
They monitor who he is in contact with, blocking those with nationalist goals while making those who are closest to Trump whisper the will of the globalists.

Tech giants owned by the Silicone Men of Silicon Valley, currency manipulators such as George Soros, and neocon ventriloquists within the Trump administration are all in the secret club of darkness. Outside they play nice, but the all have one common goal – World Domination.

World War 3 has always been the goal along with trans-humanism. Their agenda is the gain absolute power over everything and everyone on earth. They  want to control the money, the banks, the military, the governments, and even the minds of people all over the planet. Nothing is permitted to escape, these globalists want to plug everyone’s heads into the Matrix, so their universal way of life reigns supreme. Once Trump has served their purpose, impeachment is the end result so they can get their way. If DT isn’t careful, it could cost him the presidency.

The Globalist were about to get their way by ushering Hillary as president with phony billionaires backing her, and it seemed America was heading to doom, but then something happened that no one expected. A beacon of light emerged, and the globalists ran face first into a wall, that wall was Donald Trump.

Everything they feared came true. Donald Trump was a candidate that couldn’t be bought. He shocked everyone by winning the presidency, representing the angry silent majority who is sick and tired of the corrupt establishment. Trump’s win was a slap on the face for globalists, and now they’re hell being on stopping him, relentlessly attacking him any way they can.

Donald Trump is the only man who can save America from falling into the evil hands of The Globalists. If he fails, it’s all over, the country is finished.

What This Book can do For You

This is not another pro-Trump book, far from it. It is rather details how western civilization has fallen, where it’s heading, and what can be done to reverse it. It will tell you what things to look for that indicate Trump is on course to “Making America Great Again”, and who are the neocons and what to watch out for if they persuade Trump to get their way.

I titled the book in such a way to attract both Trump supporters and those in the middle, because they need to be made aware of the charade that is going on, and why putting their entire faith blindly in one man is likely to result in disappointment.

You as an citizen of the world, need to be aware of what is coming and how you can make small tweaks to avoid being suckered into the globalist trap and transition to a better future.

Donald Trump vs The Globalists

How He Can Save America and Western Civilization

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